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Extended Deadline for Entries: June 10, 2023

Vayo Collage Gallery is pleased to announce the open call for its 4th international exhibition of collage art, which will take place in July 2023.

NEW DIMENSIONS IN COLLAGE aims to disrupt the notion that fine art comes in a flat, four-sided shape. This exhibition will challenge the way we see collage, exploring unexpected forms, irregular edges, and dimensionality.

Artists responding to the call are encouraged to think outside the frame, arriving at innovative collage submissions on their own choice of motifs. Assemblage, multi-media, and sculptural collage is encouraged, as is the use of alternative and found materials. Works may be designed for wall mounting, shelf display, or suspension from a ceiling. We ask that any required display stands, bases, or other mounting devices be included with artworks, along with any instructions as to how the work is designed to be viewed. Artists should specify if their submission is interactive or designed for viewers to touch. Makers of multipart installation pieces should contact the curator to discuss how their piece could best be displayed. Analog collagists who choose to work exclusively with flat arrangements should not be deterred from entering work, we only ask that they challenge themselves to get creative with the edges of their creations. Digital collage artists are also welcome to submit original prints of their work with the same comment applying. If you are unsure if your submission qualifies as a collage, please contact the gallery for clarification.


Due to the versatility, portability, and ready access of its materials, canvas replaced wooden panels as the most common support medium for oil painting during the 16th century Italian Renaissance. Since then, the painting medium has been most commonly reserved for a rectangular profile, largely because it is the easiest shape to stretch over a wooden frame. Two centuries after the close of the renaissance, inventors working in the field of photography developed rectangular sensors to crop the outer edges of circular images captured by the lens of a camera. Equated with the common ground on which artists express themselves, over time our definition of the word canvas has expanded to encompass the background, setting, or scope of a historical or fictional account or narrative. Though artworks that do not involve stretched canvas or photo developing need not be limited by the restriction of a four-sided shape, the prestige of so many decades of artistic presentations in rectangular (and square) configurations endures, still frequently bleeding over into collage, fiber, digital, and a variety of other mixed media art presentations. The advent of social media has further reinforced this proclivity, with artists’ creations markedly influenced by the fixed landscape of electronic viewing planes.


Mail your submission and release form in a sturdy carton or mailer addressed to:




LYONS, NY  14489


Artist communities are permitted to combine submissions in a single mailer to save on shipping costs.

Please allow adequate time for your entry to arrive by our extended deadline of June 10, 2023. A preliminary list of artists whose work has been accepted into the show will be announced on World Collage Day, May 13.


  • One (1) entry per artist​

  • Max overall size: 10 x 8 x 5 in. (25.4 x 20.3 x 12.7 cm)

  • Max weight: </= 20 lbs. (9 kg)

  • The gallery cannot support multi-media presentations at this time


Three options will be made available for management of artworks at the close of the show:

1. return of artwork

To encourage artists to submit their best and most interesting collages, we are offering the option of returning artworks after the exhibition closes. When choosing this option, artists will be responsible for the cost of shipping through their choice of carriers. Artworks will be packed and handled with the utmost care.

2. international art exchange**

Vayo Collage Gallery has a tradition of exchanging submissions amongst artist participants at the close of our shows. This has been a favorite feature for many artists, enabling them to add to their personal art collections, and frequently leading to meaningful connections and collaborations. Those who wish to receive another artist’s submission in exchange for their own will be asked to specify this on their entry form and provide a $25 contribution to offset the Gallery’s cost of shipping the art.

4. retention by the gallery

Those wishing to donate their submission to the gallery’s permanent collection need only select that option on their entry form. At a future date, the gallery plans to organize an exhibition based on its growing permanent collection.


  • Careful handling of artwork

  • Display in dedicated exhibition space

  • Acknowledgement on gallery website and social media

  • Inclusion in show program

  • Possible inclusion in a commemorative deck of cards*

  • Option to participate in international art exchange**​


In May 2022, we released a first deck of collage art playing cards to commemorate World Collage Day. 

(click here for more info)

Our second deck of collage art playing cards will be based on a juried selection of artworks featured in the New Dimensions show. Our plan is to have these decks printed and available for purchase in time for the 2023 holiday season. Important note: Not all entries will be included in printed deck. Artists whose work has been selected will be notified in May 2023.


  • Submissions received after 11:59 PM EST May 10, 2023 may not be accepted into the show

  • All submissions must be accompanied by a completed submission release form

  • The signature of a parent or guardian will be required for all participating artists under 18 years of age

  • The gallery will not be held responsible for lost or damaged packages

  • We reserve the right to reject any submission that does not comply with our guidelines (see Terms & Conditions for more information)

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