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Vayo Collage Gallery invites artists to submit work for an exhibition celebrating the 5th annual World Collage Day.

The theme for the exhibition is "Todo y Nada” (“Everything and Nothing”). Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme however they choose.

Submissions will be displayed in the gallery from May 14–31 and become part of a World Collage Day poster. A juried selection of entries will also be featured in a full-color deck of playing cards which will be available for purchase.

In keeping with Vayo tradition, all original collage submissions will be exchanged amongst artist participants at the close of the exhibition.


  • Entry is free to artists of all skill and experience levels

  • Analog and digital* collages accepted

  • International artists welcome

  • Submissions must measure 3 5/8" (9.2 cm) high x 2 5/8" (6.67 cm) wide [ view guidelines ]

  • All entries meeting the specifications will be included in the exhibition and printed poster

  • A guest jury will select 52 collages for a deck of playing cards commemorating World Collage Day

Please consult the requirements section for important details on formatting your work.

*Digital collage artists must submit a properly-sized print of their entry to be included in the exhibition. If selected for the printed deck, artists will be asked to supply a high resolution image suitable for printing.


Andrea Burgay is a visual artist whose work combines collage, sculpture and found materials to elevate the overlooked and the mundane via transformative physical processes. Through a process of adding and removing layers of handmade and collected materials she presents a physical manifestation of the passage of time, destruction and decay, with a sense of potential renewal. Burgay is also founder and editor of Cut Me Up, a participatory collage magazine and curatorial project. Each issue presents a curated selection of original mixed-media artworks, intended for readers to deconstruct, and transform into new artworks. 

John Hutton is a collage artist and designer from Glasgow, Scotland who creates analogue collage and mixed media works using magazines, newspapers, advertising posters, and a variety of ephemera. In 2020 he founded the Fragmented Collective online community to promote the work of other collage artists through biweekly creative challenges, open calls, and artist interviews.

LuEllen Joy Miller-Giera is an internationally published and award-winning artist, educator and curator who earned her Certificate in Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2005. LuEllen has participated in numerous solo and group shows, both juried and invitational, and is co-founder of the Midwest Collage Society. She is also founder and organizer of the MICPCE (Monthly International Playing Card Exchange), an ongoing initiative through which artists can opt in to trade collages on playing cards with one another. She previously organized a 100-month international postcard exchange and served on the panel at the first Kolaj Fest in New Orleans, LA (2018). You can find LuEllen at her online collage group

Michelle Concetta Parchini is a visual artist working in collage, mixed-media, and design. She finds beauty in dark and unexpected places, uncanny aesthetics, quirky juxtapositions and shares her vision using whatever’s at her disposal. Michelle is also the founder and editor of /DRI:M/SPACE, a collaborative magazine dedicated to elevating the artists working in collage and mixed-media. In each issue you will find engaging artist-led content with peer-to-peer interviews, a city guide (“collaguide”), cut-out pages, a guest-curated open call and more.

Petra Zehner is an East West German visual artist and writer. After studying literature and linguistics in Berlin, and graphic design in London, and after many years of a rather nomadic life – jumping back and forth between the UK, Germany, France, Singapore and Malaysia – Petra currently lives and works in France. She is the founder and creative director of Paris Collage Collective [PCC], a self-funded and non-profit international collage community connecting both local and global artists on a more personal level than what is possible on social media platforms alone. 


Mail your collage submission and release form in a sturdy mailer addressed to:



PO BOX 90554



Artist communities are encouraged to combine submissions in a single mailer to save on shipping costs.

Please allow adequate time for your entry to arrive by April 15, 2022.


  • Submissions must measure 3 5/8" high x 2 5/8" wide (9.2 x 6.7 cm)

  • Artwork must be accompanied by a signed release form 

  • Entries must be received no later than April 15, 2022 

  • One entry per artist

  • To be considered for the deck: artwork must have a safe area* of 3 1/8" high x 1 5/8" wide (7.9 x 4.1 cm)

*The ‘safe’ area is the portion of the collage in which all essential images and/or text will reside. Elements outside this safe area are at risk of being trimmed during production. Our submission size is small and specific, but we promise there is a method to our madness! Artists are encouraged to download our guidelines or PSD template to ensure proper sizing of entries. All submissions meeting these requirements will be displayed in our physical show (May 14–31) and included on a color poster. In addition, a juried selection of 52 collages will be printed as a high quality deck of playing cards commemorating World Collage Day 2022.


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